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Woman Who Sat In On UN Meetings Risks Everything To Alert America Of Disturbing Plot

We are seeing increasing attacks carried out by “lone wolf” Muslim terrorists in America. One of their sick methods to inflict damage is to use vehicles to plow through crowded areas and kill as many pedestrians as possible. In late October, A Muslim plowed through innocent bicyclists and pedestrians in NYC in an attack he had been planning for weeks. NYPD had confirmed that the suspect had visited the location a number of times before in order to gather more information to carry out his deadly attack. The 29-year old Uzbekistan native was able to come into the country under Barack Obama, using the “Diversity Visa Lottery Program” to get into our country.

President Trump has vowed to get rid of the disastrous program in order to prevent more terrorists from carrying out deadly attacks. An unnamed woman who has sat in on many United Nations meetings regarding refugee resettlement to the United States is risking her life to raise alarm bells to anyone willing to listen. The information she has is about a planned Muslim invasion and it proves we are being taken over thanks to high ranking officials in the United States government.

According to GOP the Daily Dose:

The woman in the video is not introduced but that may have been by choice for her own protection, given the nature of the information she exposes regarding terrorist importation into America. She’s been sitting in on many of the required meetings held by the UN refugee resettlement invasion industry and is blasting the alarm sirens. This is the invasion that President Trump attempted to protect us from through his executive orders. It’s also because it is a blatant violation of our sovereignty and an effort to plant foreign forces within our borders that the enemy forces, those led by Hussein Obama and George Soros, are so willing to violate the law through judicial activism in broad daylight. They want their foot soldiers for the jihad in place and this is how they’re doing it.

The group holding the meetings she attended was Missouri Social Services, the local face of the globalist UN invasion mechanism, the UN Refugee Resettlement Organization – the Office of Refugee Monitoring, deadly swamp creatures operating out of Washington D.C.

She notes that in 1980, globalist, Trilateral Commission member and anti-American “president Jimmy Carter changed the way that we receive refugees, immigrants and asylees, and they’re all categorized differently under the Immigration and Refugee Act,”

The people being brought in as “refugees” are not being vetted despite what the mainstream propagandists tell us, that they are being brought in with absolutely no vetting, no processing period of 12 to 18 months. She learned in her meetings that refugees or terrorist, the invaders were simply given plane tickets and brought to America within 24 hours.

She notes that many of them are diseased, bringing with them diseases that we once had eradicated from the United States, including tuberculosis, leprosy, HIV, giardia, smallpox, polio – communicable diseases apart from giardia which is a parasite, “highly contagious diseases.”

She also dispels the propaganda that the invaders are primarily women and children, a tactic to pull on the heartstrings of the American people, stating “The vast majority of ‘refugees’ that we’ve received here in Missouri have been males, between the ages of 15 and upwards towards 40, 45 years old.” Josh Tolley notes the similarity to the situation we seen playing out in Europe.

She reveals that the invaders are brought in at night, supposedly because the airfare is cheaper, but also because there is “less public at the airport.” In other words, it’s easier for them to hide what they are doing to us. “It’s almost like they’re making money running refugees,” was a comment by the host.

The guest says the agencies are responsible for setting the new arrivals up with a place to live, welfare, food, Medicaid and welfare and a housing allowance, in addition to the cash they receive on arrival. She states that the new invaders don’t have any documentation, that they are in essence being given new identities upon arrival, many of them coming in with no more identity than a description as “FUNU” full name unknown. They were also pressured to identify the refugees in such a way that they would be qualified for Social Security long-term disability.

When thee “refugees” are brought into our country, they are given Social Security benefits and are given new identities through their passports and Social Security cards. If states refuse to play ball with the federal government on this program there is a plan to deal with that. The  Wilson-Fish Program gives the federal government “legal” authority to go in and violate state sovereignty, dropping off these Muslim invaders wherever they damn well choose. Now that these terrorists are given access to our country, they are able to plan their deadly attacks.

Obama is directly responsible for creating ISIS and allowing them to grow at such a rapid pace. Trump has done everything in his power to keep these dangerous people out and has been fighting for his Travel Ban that thankfully is now in place. If the media would do their job and report the facts, we might be in better shape, but instead, they continue to point fingers at Republicans and Trump.

H/T  GOP the Daily Dose, Freedom Daily

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