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Watch The Video That Has Democrats Terrified For Their Future As It’s Causing People To Leave Party In Droves As #WalkAway Movement Gains Steam

Kirsters Baish| Most Twitter-using Conservatives are already aware of the epic movement sweeping the internet. The Democratic Party has been suffering tremendously in recent years, and this video is no help. The campaign that has Democrats crossing party lines is known as the #WalkAway movement. The campaign utilizes tweets from former Democrats, sharing their own stories of how they left the Democratic Party. These are their “walk away” stories.

Twitchy’s designated “tweet-trackers” put together tons of tweets with the hashtag #WalkAway into a single post.

Conservative Tribune reports of the former Democrats’ stories:

As compelling as many of those #WalkAway stories are — and the party should truly be concerned about the obvious hemorrhaging of support they are witnessing — perhaps the most compelling tale of all came from the founder of the campaign, a self-proclaimed formerly-proud liberal named Brandon Straka.

In an absolutely hard-hitting six-minute video, Straka offered up a litany of examples of how the Democrat Party has shifted farther and farther to the left, so much so that it has left ordinary, non-socialism-embracing liberal Americans without an adequate political party to call home any more.

The former liberal explained that less than a year ago, he was still thinking with a leftist mentality. He supplied a list of personal beliefs that pushed him to become a member of the Democratic Party in the first place, however he went on to explain that those were some of the reasons that also pushed him to leave the party.

Straka explained in the video, “For years now I have watched as the left devolved into intolerant, inflexible, illogical, hateful, misguided, ill-informed, un-American, hypocritical, menacing, calloused, ignorant, narrow-minded and, at times, blatantly fascistic behavior and rhetoric.”

He went on to speak about the way that the left has become hypocritical, as they used to claim to be against bigotry and prejudices. They treat those with differing viewpoints from them with prejudice every single day. He stated that he has witnessed “formerly sensible people” promote racism against white Americans. He pointed out that the efforts to bring about LGBT “equality” have only turned into a growing hatred for white men.

The former liberal pressed on the fact that the Democratic Party had become so “hypnotized by false narratives and conclusions” being pushed on them by “social justice warriors” who leave facts out and change stories in order to fit their own narratives.

Conservative Tribune writes of Straka’s video:

He took great umbrage with the use of demonizing labels — racist, bigot, Nazi, white supremacist, homophobic, Islamaphobic, xenophobic, misogynistic, alt-right extremist — to smear those same opponents and preemptively silence dissent from the progressive mantras.

Straka said that, perhaps worst of all was the fact that the Democratic Party had wholeheartedly embraced the radical left and bought into their own false narratives and mistaken beliefs to the complete exclusion of all others, and how they gleefully sought to fight supposed racism with more racism, lift up one group by attacking another and justified the use of whatever means necessary to achieve their desired end.

Straka explains that the left has been censoring the conservative voices of the world, claiming a “hierarchy of victimhood.” He voices the issue that the Democratic Party tells women, and gays, and minorities that they are victims, and wants them to remain that way. The former Democrat stated that the left does nothing to help those who they claim to be victims.

Take a look at the powerful video below:


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