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Trump Just Demolished Another Piece of Obama’s Legacy — And Liberals Are Seething!

The United States had a rough eight years under Barack Hussein Obama. Woefully inexperienced and underprepared for his tenure as president, Obama destroyed everything he touched. Can you point to a single area that was better off after his two terms as schemer-in-chief?

One thing he did manage to do extremely well was to increase the federal regulatory burden. The Obama administration put in place so much bureaucratic red tape, entire industries were formed-and-filed out of existence.

Well, shortly after being elected president, Donald Trump signed an executive order directing all federal agencies to find two regulations to cut for every new one issued… Federal agencies also were asked to pay for new regulatory costs by eliminating existing rules.

Check it out, per Breitbart:

“We blew our target out of the water,” Trump said, noting that his administration had eliminated 22 regulations for every new one put in place.

The Associated Press reported on Trump’s remarks at the White House as he stood next to giant stacks of paper representing the regulatory slashing his administration has done over the past year.

“For many decades, an ever-growing maze of regulations, rules, restrictions has cost our country trillions and trillions of dollars, millions of jobs, countless American factories, and devastated many industries,” Trump said.

AP said that Trump expressed support for some federal regulations, including ones that protect workers’ health and safety and preserve national parks and other natural resources in the United States.

But, Trump said as he cut the ribbon on the massive stack, “every unnecessary page in these stacks represents hidden tax and harmful burdens to American workers and American businesses.”

The numbers show that 1,579 regulations have been withdrawn or put in “delayed action status.”

Trump’s regulatory overhaul represents a fundamental shift away from and disagreement with the Obama administration’s strategy. At the core of Republican ideology is the reliance upon the free market. Businesses and individuals are at their best when they work in their own rational self-interest. Consumers will naturally gravitate towards and reward businesses that provide a high quality product at the most competitive cost.

Democratic theory, on the other hand, erroneously believes that markets must be planned and controlled to prevent monopolies. While a little regulation easily accomplishes this, the socialists in Democratic clothing want more and more as they seek to enrich themselves by allowing some businesses to thrive and others to die.

A new day has dawned in America. It’s 2018 and we have a true financial genius running the country. God bless the United States of America!

Are you proud to have Donald Trump as your president?


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