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The Reason Why Trump Had To Explain That Melania Is Missing Right Now Will Melt Your Heart

The President and First Lady have no shortage of critics. Unfortunately, not everyone in the United States is satisfied with the President, or his idea of how to make America great again. No matter what the First Family does, the media and the alt-left will promote the idea that he’s tearing the nation apart, piece by piece.

A favorite pastime of the media is to insinuate that there are problems between the President and First Lady. It seems to be completely inconceivable that they could have a healthy relationship, given their age difference and the fact that First Lady Melania Trump used to be very much in the public eye with her modeling career. The rumors constantly fly about them, and never more than when they are overseas.

Because the couple tends to employ the strategy that many hands make light work and split up their diplomatic tasks, which isn’t uncommon in these situations, the media will always spin it as if it’s because they don’t want to be together. The lunacy of saying that any time a married couple isn’t in one another’s presence it means they’re having marital problems seems to be lost on the left, who is looking desperately for any reason to throw shade at the couple.

However, the President was kind enough to share with the world why he and Melania choose different places to spend the last couple of days, and it’s a really great reason indeed. While the President is stuck in some stuffy meetings, taking care of business, the First Lady took a trip to see some of the greatest things China has to offer, and also to visit the troops in Alaska:

The First Lady also made good use of her Twitter account to show the amazing time she had while in Asia. Her photos show both animals and humans in her path were met with kindness and respect.

While the First Couple had both a productive and enjoyable trip through Asia, as always, their first priority is with Americans, both at home and abroad. The First Lady took this opportunity to swing by a state that is easily forgotten on most tours of the US and said hello to the men and women in uniform in Alaska, as well as their families.

Even the Washington Post didn’t have much negative to say about the radiant Melania Trump as she talked with both children and adults with great ease. Here’s more from our source on the First Lady’s visit to the military base in honor of Veterans Day:

Melania Trump might have been a fashion model at one time in her life, but she had no qualms ripping off a chunk of messy play dough and getting her hands dirty, just like the three preschoolers seated at the table with her Friday at a military base in Alaska.

Trump expertly rubbed the material between her two hands into a perfect sphere and then rolled the red small ball on the table to the girl seated across from her.

The nation’s first lady then moved to the table to her right and made a harmonica out of ordinary household materials, held together with a rubber band.

It’s not the heady stuff of the official visit with her husband to Asia but hundreds packed the Arctic Oasis Community Center to get a glimpse of the first lady as she toured programs for children and youth at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson. She made a refueling stop at the Anchorage base en route back to Washington, D.C., after spending the last week with President Donald Trump in South Korea and China.

The White House said late Friday that the first lady “has her own schedule to keep and needed to get back.”

 The president continued his official visit to Asia.

Any time we have an opportunity to share with others what our program does and the educational basis for all the activities that we do, it’s a chance to show our story and to share with other individuals how we serve our military population,” said Tamra De Benedetto, who oversees all activities at the base for children under age 18.

Trump viewed items children made on a 3D printer, saw sewing projects, and watched as they constructed fish out of compact discs, glitter, and gems.

“Every program we offer has an educational purpose and a reason for why we do it,” De Benedetto said.

De Benedetto said she exchanged a few private words with Trump. “She is just delightful and very genuine,” she said.

Trump didn’t make a public speech or address reporters but did take time to shake hands and talk briefly with parents and military members who flocked to the community center.

 Paige Wyse and her husband, Air Force Tech Sgt. Matthew Wyse, brought their 4-year-old son Brantley so he could make a fish with the first lady. They found out about Trump’s visit Thursday and tried to explain to their son who she was.

He made the correlation when she explained to him that the visitor is the president’s wife, and then he became excited.

“He was like, ‘Oh, wow. OK,’” she said.

Air Force Master Sgt. David Jennings brought his wife, Lindsay, and their two daughters, Abbigail and Annabelle, to see the first lady. He said dignitaries stop at the base all the time, but base personnel rarely are able to get close.

But in this case, the family got a good view of the visit, and they took pictures to remember the rare event.

“A great family memory here,” he said.

There are 14,000 active duty soldiers and airmen stationed at the joint Army and Air Force facility in Anchorage. With their family members, that number swells to 29,000.

There are currently 1,800 service members deployed all over the globe, including 1,200 in Afghanistan.

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