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‘Patriotic’ Muslim Gains Support To Run For Governor, Then America Discovers How ‘Patriotic’ He Really Is

Liberals appear to attempt to annihilate America. For a considerable length of time we’ve been cautioned about the threats of radical Islam, just for the left to yell us down as “Islamophobic.”

They need us to be so reluctant to scrutinize individuals’ like this, that unsafe people can pick up unmistakable chaos in our general public.

So when a Muslim man began getting consideration as a contender for governor, liberals hoped we wouldn’t find his evil past. In any case, it turned out in any case.

From Mad World News:

When a brilliant young physician announced his campaign to become America’s first Muslim governor, Democrats dubbed him “the new Obama” and raised over $1 million to get him elected.

However, shortly after he started gaining popularity as a “moderate” choice, a sinister secret regarding his disturbing plans surfaced…

Despite the media putting out puff piece after puff piece, painting El-Sayed as a kind, compassionate, freedom-loving American, his disturbing past that groomed him as a future leader has been revealed.

According to PJ Media, El-Sayed was vice-president of the Muslim Brotherhood front-group Muslim Students Association (MSA) during his time at the University of Michigan.

The MSA is confirmed to have been established in the U.S. as an organization dedicated to overthrowing the Constitution and establishing Sharia law by using Muslim affiliates to infiltrate the branches of U.S. government…

Disturbingly, several sources allege that El-Sayed’s campaign is funded by billionaire globalist George Soros and that he is being groomed to eventually become President of the United States.

Of course, it certainly doesn’t help El-Sayed’s case considering that he received a Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship in med school in 2012 or that he dodges questions about his involvement with the Soros family by simply stating that he’s “never met George Soros.”

It shows up Abdul El-Sayed’s dad in-law is a board part on CAIR, the organization that routinely attempts to change our laws. He is additionally close partners with dissident Linda Sarsour, who bolsters Sharia law and guards terrorists.

That is some quite awful news. For the left to toss such a great amount of weight behind a man with a scrappy past, it indicates how distant they are. It additionally indicates how urgent they are, whether they are backing a man that just can’t win.

Most Americans wouldn’t care for supporting a man with connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, a fear based oppressor association that backings the topple of the administration. There is sufficient proof to recommend El-Sayed would execute Sharia law arrangements in the territory of Michigan, a direct abuse of our laws and lifestyle.

How did things get this awful? This is on account of the left has been permitted to run wild. They are not considered responsible for the frightful choices they make.

It’s opportunity they dismissed totally.

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