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OMG: After ABC Reporter Called Sarah Huckabee a Liar, WATCH All Hell Break Loose

The media is always breathing in Trump’s neck, waiting for the tiniest mistake he makes to blast it all over the Internet and TV.

When nothing is happening, they just to try to make up a scandal, like the ones with Russia.

It’s good we still have reasonable people that are willing to stand up for Trump and clear his name.

During an ABC interview, reporter George Stephanopoulos started talking nonsense about our President. Sarah Huckabee Sanders was taking none of it, and the reporter had the guts to call her out as a liar on live TV! According to Subject Politics, it couldn’t have gone worse for him.

George was talking about how Trump had revised a few things he had said about speaking with Russians, and then mentioned the leaks. They are very trending right now, as the White House has been called as unstable. He claims the Attorney General has spoken to Russian administration, to which Sarah answers with a strong ‘no’.

She came back with facts, as the year-long investigation really had brought them zero evidence. She then embarrassed him, turning the lens to Clinton:

“If we’re going to talk about issues with Russia, one of the first places we should look is at the $500K that Bill Clinton took from the Russians while Hillary was the Secretary of State.  If we want to talk about collusion I think that’s one of the first places we should look, they should ask for that money back.”

She then continued on how it is now:

“The media loves to talk about Russia ONLY when it comes to President Trump and they have been doing it for almost a year, they have come up with nothing when there’s real issues with some of the activities  that the democrats took place in.”

That is how you protect your country and your president! We will not give in to this nonsense, and shouldn’t let the mainstream media brainwash us into believing everything they say on their portals!

Leave a comment bellow, telling us what you think of this situation with Russia!


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