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Obama Suffers Complete Meltdown Over What Veterans Just Gave Trump On Live TV

During his 8 years of presidency Obama has clearly shown how much hates military.

We can see all this trough the actions that he take and by that he bring capabilities of the army to pre-world war II, he changed military’s Rules of Engagement (ROE), resulting in the deaths of dozens of solders.

Obama was even refusing to return salutes to Marines assigned to his detail.

Since Trump came in office, things turn in opposite becoming better. He is always nice with the service members, visiting wounded soldiers or going on a funeral of the fallen warrior. As well as firing 800 corrupted VA officials who worked in Obama Administration.

That is why it was not surprise that he honored our veterans even he was on tour in Asia. During this even one of the veterans did something completely unexpected something that Obama will not like

Standing with Vietnam veterans behind him, Trump said:

“Our veterans are a national treasure, and I thank them all for their service, sacrifice, and patriotism.”

“To each of you with me today, you are the heroes who fulfill your duty to our nation. And each of you, under the most difficult conditions, did what you had to do, and you did it well.”Watch: Vietnam vet cries on President Trump’s shoulder after moving speech in Vietnam

When Trump turn the microphone to the veterans third one says:

“Mr. President, from my heart, thank you for your support of the military, and it’s an honor to be here as one of seven Vietnam veterans representing the 58,000 heroes that never made it home.

If I remember well no veteran even hug Obama. He actually decide to shut down World War II memorial in part of his political ploy to make Republicans pay. Even the Park Police disagree with what Obama did, and refused to follow Obama’s orders and not let the veterans into the memorial.

Here’s a recap of the disgusting way Obama treated our WWII veterans, via Stars and Stripes:

Wheelchair-bound elderly veterans pushed aside barricades to tour the World War II Memorial Tuesday morning, in defiance of the government shutdown which closed all of the memorials in the nation’s capital.

“We didn’t come this far not to get in,” one veteran proclaimed.

But now with Trump in the office things are different. Obama for sure do not fill right now as he can see how much veterans love President Tramp.

The touching moment begins around 3:55:

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