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Navy SEALs Send POWERFUL Message to Trump, Leaving Obama FURIOUS

The days when our military members and veterans are forgotten are long over! This has led to an outpouring of Trump support.

My favorite is a Navy SEAL convoy that flew a Trump flag proudly while travelling from one training site to another. (via Daily Mail)

The only problem is, the Military is investigating the flag, which they say is “inappropriate,” according to Navy Spokeswoman Jacqui Maxwell.

So supporting the Commander-in-Chief is suddenly a problem? I think Trump is going to want to get to the bottom of this one.

Maxwell stated that military code discourage any show of support for a “political candidate, campaign or cause.” Yes, I can see why this is an important rule, but Donald Trump is not a candidate, campaign, or cause.

Unless, that is, you consider the success of our country to be a cause. I mean, the man is the military’s Commander-in-Chief.

Waving a Donald Trump is like waving an American flag, the military is bound to both. Our men and women should be allowed to show support for the man who leads their chain of command. I have a feeling the commanders would be a little less upset if the SEALs had been waving an Obama flag.

On twitter, one Richard Barris made the point even clearer, “A truck of Navy SEALS flying Trump flag is not ‘news.’ Nearly all operators–Seals, Green Berets, Force Recon–are Republican & LOVE Trump.”

It’s true, the only people surprised by this were Liberals. The rest of us just felt some patriotic joy that our military finally appears to be proud of our Commander-in-Chief, instead of just accepting the position’s authority, as most seemed to do with Obama.

A second veteran had a very different opinion. Chris Rowzee, from the Air force, said, “This type of blatant partisan political display demonstrating allegiance to a singular person brings to mind the types of actions historically seen in authoritarian regimes and dictatorships. It’s chilling.”

Right, since when is showing support for our nation’s leader showing support for “one person?” It seems that the Liberals would have taken this incident a little better if they had remembered that most of us think of Trump as our President, not just a random person.

Showing support for our duly elected President is showing support for our country. When did Liberals forget that?

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