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JUST IN: Maxine Waters’ Dirty Personal Secret Leaks, Media Trying to BURY This Story

After eight years of Obama, the mainstream media has become skilled at hiding the truth.

Professional hypocriteMaxine Waters is under fire for outright lying to her constituents. She claims to represent the racial-minority population of California’s 43rd congressional district, but she refuses to live there! (via The Blaze)

The recent special election, where Democrat shill Jon Ossoff was rejected, proves the importance of residing in the district you claim to represent. Like Ossoff, Waters is lying about her address.

Maxine Waters registers to vote in a rough area of southern Los Angeles, though she actually resides in affluent Hancock Park. Liberals can’t even tell the truth about their own address.

In typical leftist fashion, Maxine Waters claims to be a champion of racial minorities and the poor. She is a member and former chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, and a constant race agitator.

However, hypocritical Maxine refuses to live in her own congressional district, which is dominated by gangs. Instead, she lives in a $4.2 million mansion in a gated community. Maybe she should try practicing what she preaches.

The 43rd congressional district has a white population of 15 percent. While Waters’ real neighborhood, Hancock Park, is less than 4 percent black, and over 70 percent white. Why haven’t the african american communities abandoned her? She does not understand them.

Maxine proved utterly unwilling to live among the people she claims to represent. Clearly, minority groups and the poor are only being exploited by Waters in her attempt to gain power. The liberals are skilled at exploitation.

Of course, Waters is typical of the Democrat elite, who are mainly centered in major cities in New York and California. Democrats claim to represent the poor from their million dollar mansions. They claim to represent the working class, despite never having accomplished a hard day’s work.

Power is the only thing Democrats yearn for. Social justice, racial equality, and economic fairness are only buzzwords used to convince the masses that the Democrats care about them. In reality, they foment division, and want to continue to earn the votes of the (supposedly) oppressed.

Representatives should be required to reside in the district they claim to represent. You cannot represent a group you refuse to rub shoulders with. We need to change the laws and drain the swamp. Thankfully, we have Donald Trump to make our nation great again.

Hopefully the voters of the 43rd district wake up to the fact that they are being taken advantage of, and vote Maxine out of office at once. Patriots, we need to share this story, so the world know the truth about Maxine Waters.

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