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Here is the List of Companies Who Fund Al Sharpton’s Race War. (Is this protection money so they won’t be targeted?)

It’s no mystery that Al Sharpton and his cronies target people and businesses that they feel are racist. Of course, their definition of racist is so broad, that they could target a business because the cash register ran out of tape when an African-American customer was checking out. What are businesses supposed to do when it’s so easy for them to become targets of Sharpton and his National Action Network (NAN)? Give them money, or at least that seems to be what several companies are doing.

The National Action Network is millions of dollars in debt and has only been able to stay afloat because Sharpton has been giving the network personal loans, and receiving donations from companies that he’s strong armed. The New York Post recently reported on the companies that have been donating to NAN for years, and the list is extensive and surprising.

In 2006 General Motors was set to close a dealership in the Bronx that was African-American owned. This move by GM was the perfect opportunity for Sharpton and NAN to leach money from GM, something they had been trying to do for years. Starting in 2000 NAN had been approaching GM to get them to donate money, and they had refused. GM’s move to close that particular dealership was the perfect in they needed. With the news of the dealership closing Sharpton picketed outside of GM’s Fifth Avenue headquarters. It eventually ended with GM donating to NAN.

Sharpton also targeted American Honda, claiming that they didn’t hire enough African-Americans. He wrote to American Honda saying,”We support those that support us . . . We cannot be silent while African-Americans spend hard-earned dollars with a company that does not hire, promote or do business with us in a statistically significant manner.” The protests ended with a meeting between American Honda and Sharpton. Eventually NAN and Sharpton got a payout from the company and moved on, more than likely looking for other opportunities to expunge companies.

Since none of the companies donated to Sharpton’s cause before he protested them or threatened them it would seem these donations aren’t really donations, but rather protection money to keep Shartpon from making their lives miserable and hurting their business. Until companies stand up to Sharpton and tell him they won’t be bullied, Sharpton will continue to think this disgusting behavior is acceptable.

The following companies have supported NAN and Sharpton (whether willingly or through coercion):

American Honda,Anheuser-Busch,Chase,Colgate-Palmolive,Daimler Chrysler,FedEx,General Motors,Hawkins Food Group,Johnson &Johnson,Macy’s,MGM,PepsiCo,Pfizer,Wal-Mart.

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