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Damning Video Surfaces Proving Roseanne Was Right All Along

Roseanne Barr’s sitcom “Roseanne” was cancelled on Tuesday after she posted a controversial tweet about Barack Obama’s advisor Valerie Jarrett.

Just before Barr tweeted about Jarrett, she posted another tweet claiming that Chelsea Clinton was married to a relative of liberal billionaire George Soros. After Clinton responded to correct her, Barr fired back by posting a truthbomb about Soros that she has since gotten flack for.

“Sorry to have tweeted incorrect info about you!I Please forgive me!” Barr tweeted, according to Infowars. “By the way, George Soros is a nazi who turned in his fellow Jews 2 be murdered in German concentration camps & stole their wealth-were you aware of that? But, we all make mistakes, right Chelsea?”


Liberals have since leapt to Soros’ defense, arguing that it is “insane” to suggest that he ever would have helped the Nazis. Soros’ spokesman also spoke out to deny Barr’s allegations.

“George Soros survived the Nazi occupation of Hungary as a 13-year-old child by going into hiding and assuming a false identity with the help of his father, who managed to save his own family and help many other Jews survive the Holocaust,” said the spokesman. “He did not collaborate with the Nazis. He did not help round people up. He did not confiscate anybody’s property. Such false allegations are insulting to the victims of the Holocaust, to all Jewish people, and to anyone who honors the truth. They are an affront to Mr. Soros and his family, who against the odds managed to survive one of the darkest moments in our history.”

Unfortunately for Soros, however, a 1998 interview with him has just surfaced in which he admits that what Barr was saying was absolutely correct:

60 Minutes: [You] went out, in fact, and helped in the confiscation of property from the Jews.

Soros: Yes. That’s right. Yes.

60 Minutes: I mean, that’s — that sounds like an experience that would send lots of people to the psychiatric couch for many, many years. Was it difficult?

Soros: Not — not at all. Not at all. Maybe as a child you don’t — you don’t see the connection. But it was — it created no — no problem at all.

60 Minutes: No feeling of guilt?

Soros: No.


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