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BOYCOTT These 8 Celebrities Who Have Insulted Trump & Disrespected Millions Of Americans

As proud conservatives we should “never” fall victim to the hypocrisy of the rabid left, unless it’s to make a valid point, and to perhaps showcase their own foolishness, in that boycotting is actually a “two-way street, at the box office, where it ultimately counts.

Moreover there’s nothing more important within an ego driven industry for a performer then to be adored by their fans and to enjoy the financial fruits of their labor, however fans can be fickle, especially if they feel being taken for granted or disrespected for their principled choices, thus one needs to be extremely careful, especially if you’re an ageing legendary and iconic talent, that you might actually be pissing off millions and millions of Trump supporters, who actually buy tickets in support of those performers, and perhaps now is the time to demonstrate our own ‘hypocrisy” and boycott the “boycotters!”

Moreover there are  plenty of celebrities and emerging talent that would love to perform on the “world stage” just imagine young talent performing for a worldwide audience, it would actually be in keeping with making “America Great” while also “draining  the swamp” of loony leftist celebrities, who apparently can’t distinguish performing for an American president, while some actually go to repressive regimes to perform on the sly, without the knowledge of the mainstream media, for big bucks.

Here are some of the loony left celebrities according to the Daily Caller that have disrespect almost half of the American people, remember them the next time you purchase a CD.. .

  1. Celine Dion: celine-dion
    The Canadian-born singer was scheduled to perform in Las Vegas, and refused the invitation, perhaps Dion fans could return the compliment and refuse attending her concert.
  2. Elton John:elton-john
    Another out-of-towner by way of Britain, and quite frankly a tad “played out!”
  3. Garth Brooks: “A country singer” in name only, apparently declined an offer.
  4. KISS: Actually this is a surprise that the band has refused to play at Trumps inaugural festivities, time to rethink purchasing any more KISS memorably. However Gene Simmons is one of our favorite rock stars, and supports our military, however there seems to be a split within the group.
  5. Andrea Bocelli: Another out-of-towner. Andrea was scheduled to appear and accepted then the loony left began giving him ”agita”  and bowed out
  6. Mormon Tabernacle Choir Member: Apparently one individual resigned after being informed that performing with the choir was mandatory at the Trump event, so apparently “everyone” decided to resign and not perform…”political correctness” does have it’s drawbacks.
  7. Katy Perry:katy10
    She’s a Hillary disciple…enough said!
  8. David Foster: “Good Lord” another Canadian…really?

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